Mark Cavendish


Cav is the ultimate Pro-Tour Cyclist, riding his bike over 200Km per day and constantly pushing his limits. He knows life as a cyclist can be hard, but his obsession will make him come back stronger.


INR 9,790

Valentino Rossi


The most successful MotoGP rider ever, Valentino has an obsession. To find the next champion. He spends his spare time riding against his Academy Riders at the VR46 Ranch, pushing his limits and keeping himself fresh.

Michele Gonzalez


While people sleep, Michele runs. An army vet and mother of two with a full-time job in the city. She still manages to grab her headlamp every day at 4 AM to train for the next marathon.


INR 8,690

Julian Wilson


Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Julian travels the world surfing at the highest level. Away from competition, he still heads back to his hometown to live-out his obsession.


INR 9,190

Chas Christiansen


Chas travels the world racing bikes for MASH SF on the streets and in the dirt. At home in San Francisco, he can be found delivering packages for the bike messenger company he founded, TCB Courier.

Maverick Viñales


Maverick is the rising star of MotoGP, the most successful rookie in the sports history. The secret to this success? His obsession with using new physical training techniques to perfect his riding style.